Using Nessy Numbers Jack can now tell the time using an analogue clock! 😀 He has really struggled with understanding it however I’ve tried to show him. The programme is aimed at children who have dyslexia and has really clicked with him. Using it he is also well on the way to be able to do times tables properly, rather than just adding to get the answer. Awesome!


A photo from a walk on Tuesday

I am about half way through the online course I am creating now. Looking forward to taking a few days off afterwards and we are hoping that the weather will be nice so we can go to Brighton for the day. Hoping to collect some nice stones from the beach and I am sure Jack will too!


How Last Week Looked For Us

Our week looked at lot like this… with soft play, lots of maths, Literacy planet, snake feeding and spotting pheasants thrown in.

First up, carrying on with a project on Japan and getting everything cut out and stuck in a project book.

Japan lapbook

Japan lapbook

Japan lapbook

Next was a lapbook on classifying animals as part of a zoology course from All in One Homeschool



Some of a section on Egypt for ancient history, also from All in One Homeschool. I added in a few extra bits from Twinkl as well.

egypt lapbook


And finally Mayan pots for ancient art, can you guess? also from All in One Homeschool. I really like the site and Jack is enjoying working through it and being able to see what is coming up. There are so many great resources and it is all really flexible. I skip over the heavier religious stuff  and add in or leave bits out here and there but finding most of it to be great, either to work straight from or get ideas. The site is split into two levels and covers up to American grade 8, which is for 13-14 year olds and Jack has been completing most of the work for both levels! It is set up so both are listed together which makes it easy to look at what is there rather than having to switch to another age. But anyway… Mayan pots made from salt dough.

Mayan pots


Update 09/12/2014.

We have been working on lots of practical stuff recently and Jack has completed several DIY badges including Rocketer and Chemist. He has also finished his Discover Art Award, tried Airhop and we have met up with several local families for activities.

Jack’s writing is improving very slowly and his educational psychologist is going to look into occupational therapy for him, which is great as it is something I have asked doctors about several times and just been fobbed off. He has very little strength in his hands or wrists and honestly appears to struggle to even hold a pen correctly at times. However slow I know will will get there and in his own way 🙂

My posts have gotten so behind there is probably loads to share so will post a few pictures of recent projects. Jack has a real interest in Japan so we have started working on a Japan Lapbook which I am going to expand. This week we are going to make a Christmas wreath for the front door and turn an old duck house into a hedgehog hut. I am hoping we can use that for the Wildlife Trust Kestrel Award now Jack is old enough to take part. We bought some hedgehog food so it will be good to see if we get any prickly visitors. I spotted a fox in the garden a few nights ago and our squirrel is still visiting daily hoping for nuts.


Puff Car! - Air powered vehicle - DIY

Puff Car! – Air powered vehicle – DIY


Jack has been asking to go bowling a lot lately so we have been going on a Friday and then on to the market afterwards. Next week we are meeting up with the PDA group again and going to a different bowling alley in Aldershot. We will be in Cleethorpes on Friday visiting family, although if he wants there is bowling there too. We have also started running. I have always walked lots, sometimes 10-15 miles at a time and there is so much lovely countryside here to enjoy, it is perfect. But Jack cannot manage that kind of distance as his legs get very tired and achy. He can walk the couple of miles into town now and then around shops which is great. We have been doing a combination of running and walking together to get started and keeping track on endomondo.com so we have a record to look back over. On Sunday we walked round and used the local trim trail and fitness equipment which Jack said was fun. It has been interesting to track some of our common walks for everyday tasks as well, such as ‘home to Tesco’ or ‘home to the post office’ and see how far they are and so the walking we do without even thinking of it.

We have done quite a lot of craft projects recently and Jack is working on an Arts Award which is a first qualification for children from arts award.

Home education

Jelly fish racing craft and game

Home education

Catch up (1/10/14 – 15/10/14)

I never end up posting on here as much as I’d like to. I always intend to but then end up distracted by everything else or forgetting. I have also started posting from my tablet as that is often easier but not much good when photos are on the camera… (tablet camera is pants!).

At the moment we have been doing a lot from Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool. The curriculum as a whole has a lot of Christian based work, including bible studies which some people may wish to avoid. These I am leaving out as I am not going to teach one religion as true over another and personally I don’t believe in any god so it feels hypocritical. That aside there is a lot of really good stuff on the site and some that I’ve not seen much elsewhere. As Jack loves science we have picked out most of the science courses, thinking and ancient art to start off with. A lot of ancient history looks good too. It is also an American site so some of the history, geography and other bits don’t apply but they could still be used as a basis. There are some really good educational games on the maths practice and thinking pages. The lilly Pads game really gets you thinking and I couldn’t get past level 2, though Jack made it to level 3 so far. Like Sumdog and Literacy Planet Jack will use those just for fun as well as in learning time. It is nice the site has levels as well and he is completing both so far, which is roughly up to American middle school grade 8. That is about 13 years old! I have had a look at the English section and I know Jack will be a lot lower if we use that though that is not unexpected. He loves literacy planet anyway and I’m sure he’ll be pretty quick to get frustrated when he can’t manage both levels as he has been.

Jack wanted to complete the whole of Literacy Planet from the start but I have managed to convince him that there isn’t much point in using his time to do the year 1 work as he has already done some in school and last year (we had to recover things he missed in school). So he is on year two until the half term and then I am going to see how he goes with year 3. Because it is interactive and speaks to him it suits his learning style so I think he’ll do ok but there is always the underlying issue of his anxiety at not being able to manage things and that he will make a mistake.

For ancient art we watched a tour of some caves in Lascaux (France) which Jack said was creepy because of the music! (I thought it was pretty interesting :D) and then discussed how cavemen would have painted and what they could have used. Yesterday we had a go at producing some caveman paintings of our own using mud paint lol (mud and water mix)

Home education art

Jack painted a cow and a horse (rule was only things a caveman may have seen, so no Kirby) and I went for animals and trees.


Well… project giant Kirby didn’t work out as planned at all. Jack freaked out at the paper mache getting his hands all messy and didn’t want to touch it any more. Emily and myself finished off the body, which is now hanging from the kitchen ceiling… home ed home – giant paper mache ball hanging from the celling is perfectly normal, right? lol If I can think of a way to make the hands and feet we can finish it off but I think any further paper mache is a no-go.

Jack hasn’t wanted to go out much, he’s even gone off playing with water and balloons. So we have been doing bits and pieces at home mostly other than taking a trip into Godalming last week and having lunch by the river Wey. We bought a Techni Lego excavator but it had two pieces missing so had to wait for Lego to send out replacements. Though now it is finished, I’ve found I must have got something wrong somewhere as the cog mechanism to make it move doesn’t work 😦

We have finished up Backyard Farmer and Gardener DIY patches (using different projects for each). I am thinking of completing all six challenges to master a sill before ordering the patches in the future rather than just the three that are required.In a lot of cases it is easy to do several a day so they are completed in no time.  Puts a bit more work and challenge into each I think.

Bought the Lego movie when it was released on DVD and jack has watched it before bed every night since! He bought himself the game in Argos and is having fun with that and constantly quoting the film, I’m sure he knows it word for word!

Last month I finally have managed to finally get around to publishing some tutorials to the Kindle store. They are mostly macramé but there are also a couple of chain maille ones with more to come soon. I am planning to get all my tutorials formatted and published for Kindle so that they are available in a different format and hopefully a whole new audience in the next couple of weeks. After that point I can create two versions at the time of writing, one PDF and one Kindle.



Two more DIY patches arrived this morning to add to the frame, salvager and chiller which Jack is really pleased with. He is currently working on the backyard farmer patch and waiting for sunflower and pea seeds to come up and join the rest in the veg garden. Checking the bin this week we found that our compost is ready and looking really good. I dug and good pot full into the new raspberry bed and used some in repotting the chocolate mint and rosemary. Slugs have visited already and munched on the baby broad bean plants so time for some beer traps! The patio apple tree, that was just a twig when we bought it a few weeks ago has quite a lot of leaves already and so I think is happy in it’s pot. Which makes jack happy as he wanted the tree and chose the pot as it is his favourite colour – black.

I have also discovered the Roald Dahl museum and may take Jack there as he developed quite and interest after watching a Roald Dahl video on Brain Pop. I haven’t been able to tempt him into actually reading any of his books but he has never been one for reading for pleasure so I am not surprised. Keeping my eyes out for any of the DVDs. He has been talking a lot about designing his own ideas about what certain Pokemon evolutions would look like it they existed but I’ve not yet been able to actually encourage him to draw anything. Not even pokemon can tempt him to want to write/draw that much. I have been thinking about the drawing tablets that connect to the PC and you draw with an electronic pen or the mouse. Perhaps the technology and move away from the dreaded pen and paper would help?

In the last week weeks Jack has been able to ride a scooter and buying one was a good move. Although his legs ache him when walking, it seems riding a scooter doesn’t and now he is more than willing to walk anywhere even the few miles into town. There and back is pushing it but 5/6 miles is a lot for any 7 year old. Any progress is good and he has asked for a bike next. The old Kirby games and cartoon are his current obsession and in a week and a half he has managed to complete Pokemon Colosseum!

This week I seem to have had a burst of mojo, thankfully; finally! Has been a bit lacking the last month or two. I had a rough plan to make it to 200 hubs by the summer but I don’t think I have much chance of that now. I am currently at 128 so that’s 72 more needed which comes in at about 70,000 words! True I did NaNoWriMo which is 50,000 in a month but that was pretty hard going and I didn’t have HE to think about then either… This week I have written three so far with another to type up tonight and three jewellery tutorials, which has doubled what I had done the rest of the month. I have had quite a bit of work through Fiverr too. Being a designer and writer with no inspiration is not a good place at all… In better news it is looking a lot like Jack’s seizures are coming under control and are down to one or two a day at most. He isn’t on the maximum medication dose either so if anything changes at least an increase is a possibility. Options were running out fast. The only downside is that it may be causing what appear to be tics. Feels like trading one bad thing for another…

Pokemon Wins again

Over the weekend I connected Jack’s 2DS to the wireless internet so that he could battle and trade with other players on his Pokemon X game and his is loving it. He has had fun trading, playing other people and seeing their Pokemon but it has also sparked an interest in geography. Although there is no chat feature or anything similar each player has a small profile that has basic details such as name and country and Jack has been asking about the countries, where they are and how away they are from us. We have a stuffed globe so we have been looking for the countries although I don’t think the concept of how far away they are is something he can fully understand yet. I have explained that it takes us 5 hours to get to Grimsby and related other places to that which does appear to be helping. Jack was excited to find someone who lives in Tokyo and I have suggested that he has a look for some of the places on Google Earth next time he is on the laptop. Google Earth has always been a hit since I showed him our new house/street/town etc. before moving here. Proving again that motivation and interest are key.

Jack’s new glasses came from the hospital and they gave me two pairs. Finally! The optician always said it wasn’t allowed even though I told them the hospital had said he should have two pairs due to him having other special needs and the increased risk of breaking. These new ones have a plastic and silicone frame and they are brilliant, so much harder wearing than any he has ever had. Only one day in they survived a meltdown and being bent till both lenses popped out! I had to bend them back into shape a little and the lenses can be pushed back into the frame without too much trouble. Definitely sticking with these and Jack has been wearing them much more willingly, I haven’t had to remind him to put them on once so perhaps they are more comfortable too.

Today was a trip to the bank so Jack could use the coin counter and pay the money into his account and we bought some more stickers for his animal sticker album which has been giving him loads of new information on animals.

Pokemon gets in everywhere 😀 he he I.T lesson of Google searching and how to save images and Publisher to make a collage of favourite Pokemon… with a little help from big brother 😀



Monday Morning Post

The post this morning consisted of DIY patches and a vegetable growing guide for Jack that he wanted to order from Which? and boring things for me!


This morning I showed Jack the Oneminute Physic channel on YouTube which he enjoyed  and he tried mushrooms, raw and fried. He is currently searching for Pokemon pictures to make a ‘My Top Favourite Pokemon’ poster in Publisher… little bit of sneaky I.T in there he he