Yummy Oat Flour Cakes

Today Rowan and I made these mini loaf cakes using homemade oat flour. We had to use regular sugar as that’s all we have but I reduced the amount (I often do with cakes and they still bake and taste fine). 

They were lovely, springy and moist ❤ definitely a hit and will make them again. The texture was really nice and they didn’t have that grainy feel gluten free cakes often have. I may try the recipe as a large cake in future. We’re going to have the rest with custard tomorrow. 


Gluten Free Vegan Crispy Bars

Today we tried out a recipe from Pinterest for homemade crispy bars. Jack really likes the bars from Tesco so was excited to have a go at making his own.

We used a mixture of half vegan milk chocolate and half dairy free dark chocolate. The recipe only needed two other ingredients: coconut oil and rice crispsy cereal.

Jack measured out the ingredients and mixed everything together once the chocolate was melted. After spreading out on a tray they only took a couple of hours to be set and ready to eat.


Jackmade Dairy Free Garlic Butter

Jack recently tried and liked garlic bread but £1.50 for a gluten and dairy free bagettue is just crazy! He likes to have garlic butter on his toast though. He has done so great considering a few years ago he would only eat plain foods, sandwiches or peas and sweetcorn mixed together.

This morning I was making butter from some leftover Christmas cream and then made that into garlic butter for the freezer. Jack asked if we could do a dairy free version. I gave him directions and he made a batch himself, all ready for future use.




The Breadline Challenge

A couple of months ago a good friend sent me a tweet, saying the following:

‘Hey, I think I’ve found the perfect charity for you – a combination of volunteers and thrifty cooking’

And that charity was Food Cycle and he couldn’t have been more right! Food cycle, set up in 2009 by Kelvin Cheung, run programmes all over the UK by combining volunteers, surplus food and spare kitchen spaces to create meals for people at risk of food poverty and social isolation. They do this through a fabulous Hub programme and by setting up Community cafes. Definitely check them out if you can!

In reading more about the work of Food Cycle, I became intrigued about their recent attempt at The Breadline Challenge. The Challenge, which I will come onto later, was borne from the report by Helen Goodman MP who calculated that, with the changes to the benefits system and the introduction of the bedroom tax, some people would be left with just £2.57 per day to spend on food.* And the most shocking thing of all? This affects more than 4 million people in the UK today. A morning coffee at Starbucks costs more than a daily food allowance for 4 million people!”

Read tge compkete post at The Breadline Challenge.