Great Start to December

Three days in and everything is going good 🙂 Jack has a lot less anxiety this year about Christmas and what will be happening. He hasn’t even been fretting over what is in his presents as he has done in previous years. He asked me once to tell him what was inside a few he saw but when I said that he had to wait he was fine about it. This is the first year he has really wanted a particular thing as well, a Nintendo 2DS. He said he would like the 2DS because ‘the 3DS costs way to many money!’ ❤ At home we do not make a big thing of Christmas and this year even less so which has got me wondering if at least some of his previous upset has been caused by the build up at school with all the talk of Christmas and changes for plays, parties, themed activities etc. or if it is just a case of him feeling more settled with how Christmas is now. Last year was the first time he really ‘got’ his birthday or Christmas and took more of a part in both such as asking for certain presents, giving out Christmas cards at school and choosing how to celebrate his birthday. Perhaps this is the next step along the road?

Yesterday we did various activities at home including maths games and science on EdPlace and then a healthy eating quiz and sorting and sticking activity. I had also printed some worksheets from Food A Fact of Life that had instructions for making a fruit salad and a tripe decker sandwich. jack’s ended up as a quadruple decker sandwich! and he also tried some cheese spread with garlic and herbs for the first time and thought it was ok.

Today Jack tried out Sumdog which has loads of maths activities and also reading if you subscribe. Jack enjoyed it so I am going to see how much it is to subscribe as he has now completed all of the Reading Eggs maps. After that we made a poster of some of the leaves Jack collected at Alice Holt and Shalford Park and identified them using a tree book. Then it was time for lunch and then to leave for swimming.

Today the farmers market was in Guildford and Jack wanted to see the crabs and lobster on a stall which he decided where ‘freaky’ and had menacing eyes. The stall holder let him touch and hold a crab and I bought a herring. The fish has its head and guts so I was planning that I could gut and prepare it (which I’ve never done before) and have a bit of a dissection lesson at the same time. It also means that Jack can have a good look at an actual fish rather than just pictures to go with his ocean project. He then told anyone who would listen that he had a fish and wanted to look at all its inside parts and then eat it! Maybe I should of saved that information until we got home lol