Today we went to Tesco and Jack chose a selection of food to donate to our local food bank.


He chose all the items, thinking about what he would miss or like if we weren’t able to go shopping and chose what we wanted. It cost just over £12 and he had a basket full.

The Breadline Challenge

A couple of months ago a good friend sent me a tweet, saying the following:

‘Hey, I think I’ve found the perfect charity for you – a combination of volunteers and thrifty cooking’

And that charity was Food Cycle and he couldn’t have been more right! Food cycle, set up in 2009 by Kelvin Cheung, run programmes all over the UK by combining volunteers, surplus food and spare kitchen spaces to create meals for people at risk of food poverty and social isolation. They do this through a fabulous Hub programme and by setting up Community cafes. Definitely check them out if you can!

In reading more about the work of Food Cycle, I became intrigued about their recent attempt at The Breadline Challenge. The Challenge, which I will come onto later, was borne from the report by Helen Goodman MP who calculated that, with the changes to the benefits system and the introduction of the bedroom tax, some people would be left with just £2.57 per day to spend on food.* And the most shocking thing of all? This affects more than 4 million people in the UK today. A morning coffee at Starbucks costs more than a daily food allowance for 4 million people!”

Read tge compkete post at The Breadline Challenge.

Bowling and Making Videos

Home Education


This week we have been busy. Met up with friends on Tuesday and then had a game of bowling. Wednesday was maths and video making for DIY (Superfan patch) We made a simple video in Movie Maker using a picture of Marx and a voice recording Jack made talking about why he likes him. Today we started on an art project following a curriculum set out on Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool. The 1st lesson was looking at some art nouveau works created by Henry Guiard, discussing them and then creating a piece of art based on art nouveau. Jack particularly liked a bronze vase and a picture frame that we decided looked as though it had little ears. I had a look through the site and there are some other parts I think we will incorporate in the future as well.

Since buying a Blentec blender a few weeks ago we have been making some smoothies and other things. This blender can pretty much blend anything, even raw carrots into juice! Today we made smoothies with berries, spinach and banana, butternut squash soup and some raw brownies. Great gadget 🙂 I have also been making some of my own milks, almond and rice so far.

Tomorrow we are going to the library and then into town to collect Jack’s long awaited new 2DS game – Super Smash Brothers and on Saturday are going to Alice Holt if it isn’t raining.


We have had a busy week of mostly working on DIY challenges this week and Jack has now completed his Puppeteer and Chef patches and finished the full six challenges to master the Lego skill.


Jack helped me make some gluten and dairy free pasta for vegetable lasagne which came out pretty well. The dough was very crumbly until had been through the pasta machine once and then it stayed together better for further rolling. The recipe we used was:

2 cups gluten free self raising flour – we used Doves Farm
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp salt
1 – 1 1/2 cups water

Jack’s laptop stopped working so we had to return it and ended swapping it for another one. The only one in price range was a smaller netbook but it has turned out to be easier for him as he can sit with it on his lap much easier and doesn’t need to always use it at a table which is nice. Will be good to take on train journeys as well as it is much smaller and lighter than the full sized laptop he had. He has been back on Reading Eggs and brain Pop and of course You Tube! Brain Pop topic today has been ‘Where we come from’ and he has been happily watching videos about how babies are made and grow and telling me all about X and Y chromosomes.

Kirby is still a big favourite at the moment and his Pokemon obsession has defiantly died down some, for now. We have talked about making a Kirby themed t-shirt as another DIY challenge and will probably do that using the printer transfer paper soon. The warm weather has meant Jack can get out in the garden more, most of which has involved playing with water and having water fights.

Jack has a pet snail at the moment, called Marks after a Kirby character. He is always asking to keep various insects and creatures so I decided it couldn’t hurt to have it for a while. We used to have African Giant land snails so we have a similar set up and Marks is now living with two slugs that I noticed have appeared – with plenty of help I’m sure! lol

Busy Creative Day

Busy day today making smoothies and some baking – homemade sausage rolls and shortbread and gluten and dairy free chocolate cheesecake. The smoothies were for a DIY challenge  towards Jack’s chef badge and he made them himself. Then while Jack was playing and listening to his Moshi Monsters CD I wrote up a hub and a tutorial on how to create a simple cork macramé board for Jewlerylessons.com



Then onto some crafts with a Mr Maker magazine making a glove puppet and stage.



Six challenges completed and uploaded on DIY today, some that we’ve done today and two others that had been finished and waiting to go on. One more challenge to complete to earn the puppeteer, chef and toy maker patches bringing Jack’s collection up to eight patches 😀


I keep meaning to post and hadn’t realised so much time had gone by! We have been working on lots of practical skills… using a bank account, saving and using money and also decorated two rooms so have been choosing paint, matching colours and everything that goes along with that.

Changed our room layout a bit downstairs as well and the conservatory has now been renamed ‘the games room’ by Jack lol every time he is on his laptop he goes and sits on the floor in there.He was super happy to find a black sofa (his favourite colour) when we went to Furniture Link to look for one. They are part of the Surrey Reuse Network and sell secondhand furniture and other household items.

At the weekend we planted out the first of the veg garden – some more strawberries, beetroot, broad beans and a chocolate mint plant that smells gorgeous! We also bought a patio apple tree and large pot for that (black again :D) jack did a good job of going to ask how much the pot was when we couldn’t find a price tag and bringing over a member of staff to show them which pot he wanted to know about. have this years sunflowers to plant and definitely some peas and maybe baby carrots.

I think we will be visiting the Sealife centre again very soon, may go to the one in Brighton this time as the ocean project is still going strong 😀 I found some really good lapbook resources to use and also incorporated some IT skills by having Jack search for relevant pictures online and then save the ones he liked to use to create a collage using Microsoft Publisher.