Experiments in Demolition

Today’s mystery science lesson using explosives to knock down buildings and other structures. The activity was a game that involves trying to knock down part of the board without knocking it all down.

You have to swing the wrecking ball and try to knock down the cups, without knocking over the houses behind.



Jack tried karate on Tuesday but was too nervous to join in. He watched for the session and said maybe we’ll go back next week. It seemed like a really nice friendly group too.

Minecraft Academy is going well though I think the level is a bit easy for Jack. Once this course is over I think it will be better to try the higher level.

May pop into soft play tomorrow or Thursday as Jack always enjoys that. Probably won’t be able to go for much longer either with him being tall 😦


We’ve had a bit of a slow start this year but now all set with activities and ideas for new things to try. Next week Jack is going to try karate and is hoping to find a bowling group or club.

We spent yesterday sorting out the dining end of the kitchen, having a good sort out and putting the table together. Hoping it will give Jack a bigger working area and one that Rowan can’t reach. This morning he’s testing it out with Hot Wires and after lunch we are going to do an art project featuring Starry Night.


Burglar alarm


Jackmade Dairy Free Garlic Butter

Jack recently tried and liked garlic bread but £1.50 for a gluten and dairy free bagettue is just crazy! He likes to have garlic butter on his toast though. He has done so great considering a few years ago he would only eat plain foods, sandwiches or peas and sweetcorn mixed together.

This morning I was making butter from some leftover Christmas cream and then made that into garlic butter for the freezer. Jack asked if we could do a dairy free version. I gave him directions and he made a batch himself, all ready for future use.