This week Jack made a shadow clock as part of a Mystery Science topic. He had fun trying out how the time changed with the light and shadows. We had a try with it outside but their wasn’t enough sun unfortunately.


We are trying out a block from the Earth Schooling curriculum called Man and Animals. I’ve had to adapt some of the materials but Jack enjoyed the first lesson. He has chosen bats as his animal to investigate.

Another hit this week included learning about RGB colours and how to edit and use them in Paint. He enjoys editing pictures and has started drawing his own so is chuffed to be able to make his own colours. He has gotten back into Scratch this week too and has been practicing drawing shapes following some tutorials online.


This week has been fairly quiet really as we have been thinking about new subjects and where to go with things we are continuing with. Bought a few Eyewitness Project books as Jack enjoyed the last one he did, Medieval Life, Dinosaurs, Prehistoric Life and Rocks and Minerals. Jack is interested in dinosaurs and fossils again and has been working on a course run by Coursera for a few weeks. It is mostly video lectures which he enjoys a lot more than reading or writing. We are hoping to make a trip to the Natural History Museum again soon.

On Thursday we went to Islington to drop Emily off for an event at the O2, so while we waited for her we had a look round the charity shops and had lunch on Islington Green. Jack bought some Bamboozled jelly beans and then had fun hoping he got the real flavours and not things like dog food and baby wipes! Ha also found a Harry and the Dinosaurs book and a Garfield DVD.

On Saturday the summerhouse that is going to be a big project of ours this year was suppose to be delivered but unfortunately I had a call saying it wasn’t ready just yet which is a shame. But as its turned out it has been quite wet this week so far so we may not have had a chance to build it anyway. On Sunday we had a day out on Horsenden Hill in Greenford with family.

Once again I have realised that we have missed the start of 30 Days Wild. I’ve signed up now so will see how it goes. I don’t know if we will do everyday but perhaps we can do the activities over a longer time. Today we’ve taken some photos in the garden, mostly of flowers and the veg patch which is doing really well with all the sun and rain.


Bowling and Making Videos

Home Education


This week we have been busy. Met up with friends on Tuesday and then had a game of bowling. Wednesday was maths and video making for DIY (Superfan patch) We made a simple video in Movie Maker using a picture of Marx and a voice recording Jack made talking about why he likes him. Today we started on an art project following a curriculum set out on Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool. The 1st lesson was looking at some art nouveau works created by Henry Guiard, discussing them and then creating a piece of art based on art nouveau. Jack particularly liked a bronze vase and a picture frame that we decided looked as though it had little ears. I had a look through the site and there are some other parts I think we will incorporate in the future as well.

Since buying a Blentec blender a few weeks ago we have been making some smoothies and other things. This blender can pretty much blend anything, even raw carrots into juice! Today we made smoothies with berries, spinach and banana, butternut squash soup and some raw brownies. Great gadget 🙂 I have also been making some of my own milks, almond and rice so far.

Tomorrow we are going to the library and then into town to collect Jack’s long awaited new 2DS game – Super Smash Brothers and on Saturday are going to Alice Holt if it isn’t raining.


Well… project giant Kirby didn’t work out as planned at all. Jack freaked out at the paper mache getting his hands all messy and didn’t want to touch it any more. Emily and myself finished off the body, which is now hanging from the kitchen ceiling… home ed home – giant paper mache ball hanging from the celling is perfectly normal, right? lol If I can think of a way to make the hands and feet we can finish it off but I think any further paper mache is a no-go.

Jack hasn’t wanted to go out much, he’s even gone off playing with water and balloons. So we have been doing bits and pieces at home mostly other than taking a trip into Godalming last week and having lunch by the river Wey. We bought a Techni Lego excavator but it had two pieces missing so had to wait for Lego to send out replacements. Though now it is finished, I’ve found I must have got something wrong somewhere as the cog mechanism to make it move doesn’t work 😦

We have finished up Backyard Farmer and Gardener DIY patches (using different projects for each). I am thinking of completing all six challenges to master a sill before ordering the patches in the future rather than just the three that are required.In a lot of cases it is easy to do several a day so they are completed in no time.  Puts a bit more work and challenge into each I think.

Bought the Lego movie when it was released on DVD and jack has watched it before bed every night since! He bought himself the game in Argos and is having fun with that and constantly quoting the film, I’m sure he knows it word for word!

Last month I finally have managed to finally get around to publishing some tutorials to the Kindle store. They are mostly macramé but there are also a couple of chain maille ones with more to come soon. I am planning to get all my tutorials formatted and published for Kindle so that they are available in a different format and hopefully a whole new audience in the next couple of weeks. After that point I can create two versions at the time of writing, one PDF and one Kindle.


I have decided to go with the framed idea for Jack’s DIY patches as it will keep them protected and can be hung up rather than being in a drawer.

Yesterday we made melted crayon art, first trying out dot painting (by heating the crayon end with a candle and pressing it to the paper) and then sticking the candles to canvas and melting them with a hair dryer. Painting with the melting wax creates a texture like oil paint once it has dried but doesn’t stay melted long enough to paint much. They did not come out as well as some others we saw online but it was fun to do. This morning we had a go at melting the crayon bits leftover into other crayons as well. Cookie cutter crayons mostly snapped or cracked taking them out but we have a few heart shaped ones that worked out well. Also used an ice cube tray to make some shaped liked Lego bricks




After using cookie cutters to cut shapes from the still soft wax, Jack turned the wax over and was intrigued by the patterns formed and how all the colours had blended into one piece but hadn’t mixed. He wants to keep the pieces but it is very brittle so I don’t know if it will last long.


As part of the DIY patch Rocketeer Jack wanted to make balloon rockets from a science experiments book we have which turned out much better and was a lot of fun. Jack loves balloons anyway and will play with them for ages happily.


I keep meaning to post and hadn’t realised so much time had gone by! We have been working on lots of practical skills… using a bank account, saving and using money and also decorated two rooms so have been choosing paint, matching colours and everything that goes along with that.

Changed our room layout a bit downstairs as well and the conservatory has now been renamed ‘the games room’ by Jack lol every time he is on his laptop he goes and sits on the floor in there.He was super happy to find a black sofa (his favourite colour) when we went to Furniture Link to look for one. They are part of the Surrey Reuse Network and sell secondhand furniture and other household items.

At the weekend we planted out the first of the veg garden – some more strawberries, beetroot, broad beans and a chocolate mint plant that smells gorgeous! We also bought a patio apple tree and large pot for that (black again :D) jack did a good job of going to ask how much the pot was when we couldn’t find a price tag and bringing over a member of staff to show them which pot he wanted to know about. have this years sunflowers to plant and definitely some peas and maybe baby carrots.

I think we will be visiting the Sealife centre again very soon, may go to the one in Brighton this time as the ocean project is still going strong 😀 I found some really good lapbook resources to use and also incorporated some IT skills by having Jack search for relevant pictures online and then save the ones he liked to use to create a collage using Microsoft Publisher.


The last week or so we have been a lot more autonomous  which has had good and not so good parts but over all the lack of a set structure has been better than I expected considering how Jack has reacted to that in the past. Jack has done loads of reading, mainly through his pokemon game and a pokemon book that is a encyclopaedia of sorts with details and stats of every pokemon.  We also subscribed to Netflix and he has wanted to read the details of each program before watching it. We have a  good list of documentaries, mainly animal related to watch through 😀

Jack did some spontaneous writing of pokemon names and his writing is improving (last summer the site of pen and paper could cause a meltdown), he said that he was hurting him. I suspected that was the issue as he can’t grip the pen well but he has never actually voiced it, just gets frustrated and cross or refuses. Perhaps the GP will take some notice if Jack tells him the problem. The last couple of times we have been walking down to the surgery in town rather than the one 10 minutes from us as the doctors there take more notice and do more so I am hopefully for his appointment tomorrow. Three times I got fobbed off by our normal surgery over his seizures, even after keeping a diary but we saw a doctor at the other surgery and he referred us to a neurologist straight away. Tests showed I was right and he was having absence seizures (many more than we initially though) which have no progressed to myoclonic seizures.

Wifi pokemon trades are still a firm favourite and sparked lots of interest in the various countries, where they are and what they are like. I am thinking we could expand on that with cooking related foods or trying crafts or observing holidays etc. Jack has been talking to a girl in Sweden over the trade chat facility and he is loving having someone to talk to who loves pokemon as much as he does.

We have worked on money skills – opening a bank account, putting money in and then using it in the best way… if he spends it all at once he will be without any money till a set day. Jack likes the coin counting machine and is saving ‘brown’ money in his money box to put in it. Jack has chosen a fruit tart to have a go at making and made a start on planning this years veg garden too.


We had planned to go on the London Eye over the half term but the weather was so wet and cold we stayed home. It is less than an hour away so something we can do any time and may well of been super busy through half term anyway. Nice that is right near the aquarium as well as Jack can get his fish fix 🙂 New glasses are fab too! twice the lens has come out from being sat on/screwed up and though it’s not that easy they pop back in. Nearly two weeks and not had to use the spare pair or have repairs done is a record I think and they must be more comfortable as Jack wears them all day with no issues.