Nature Journal – Evergreens

We found some different plants in the garden. We had some snow so it marmt really practical to go for a mature walk this week. We Google searched one plant, which turned out to be Irish ivy, make some leaf rubbings, silhouettes and sketches. We also have some ivy leaves in the flower press to be stuck in later. 

Surrey Hills and Chantry Wood

Today we walked from Pilgrims Way across Surrey Hills and through some of Chantry Woods. We had planned to go to Pewley Downs but found we couldn’t follow our planned route as the path was too narrow once we were almost there. We had to come another way along some country lanes and then streets back to town.

We spotted lots of different plants and trees including elder, speedwell, dock, nettles, plantain, oak and horse chestnut. Also saw a rabbit, squirrels and various birds. Found a magpie feather to bring home and ticked off lots in Jack’s I- Spy nature book.






Using Nessy Numbers Jack can now tell the time using an analogue clock! 😀 He has really struggled with understanding it however I’ve tried to show him. The programme is aimed at children who have dyslexia and has really clicked with him. Using it he is also well on the way to be able to do times tables properly, rather than just adding to get the answer. Awesome!


A photo from a walk on Tuesday

I am about half way through the online course I am creating now. Looking forward to taking a few days off afterwards and we are hoping that the weather will be nice so we can go to Brighton for the day. Hoping to collect some nice stones from the beach and I am sure Jack will too!


Kids Art Week


Leaf Bugs!




This week of daily art tutorials was great fun and gave Jack some new ways of looking at creating his work. Picasso dog kinda reminds me of Pac Man 🙂 Although the week has now finished you can still sign up and watch the video tutorials and create your own at

August has ended.

Today I collected a load of windfall pears from the garden as well as damsons and some veg. A lot of the pears where quite small but or a bit bruised but fine for chopping up and making jam.


I collected some blackberries from the garden as well and then Jack and I set off out to collect some more. There is a really good place that is easy walking distance from our house. Do miss all the elderberries from our old garden, there don’t seem to be that many elder trees here. In Grimsby they were everywhere, same for rowan. Though there is a huge amount of what look like tiny red and orangy plums nearby, some tye of damson maybe? and a few apple trees too.



I have used about half of the blackberries and the pears today making blackberry and pear and blackberry and banana jams and a gluten free pear and polenta cake.


Yesterday we took a trip to the market in Guildford as part of our history/geography project. I found a couple of videos on the BBC learning zone about local food and one was about the farmers market in Guildford. That is not here until next month but we have the weekly market on Friday and Saturday which has some good stalls. I gave Jack £5 and let him chose what to buy and buy it. Grapes was a definite on his list (as always!) and he also bought raspberries, apples and bananas.