Fluid Art

We had a go at fluid art after watching a free course on Udemy. We followed the starter tutorial using paint, PVA and silicone lubricant.

The results were not great and not sure what went wrong or if it was something about the materials we used. Will look into a bit more and watch some videos on YouTube and give it another go.

This was a project for Jack’s Art Award Bronze so it’s a shame it didn’t work out better. Though if he decides to carry on working with the technique he can write about how he experimented and researched to improve.

Art Ventures Artwork

We started using Art Ventures in June and Jack is finding it great for developing his drawing skills. He didn’t get on too well with paint (as used in the videos) so switched to crayons and much prefers those. He bought some oil pastels for 50p yesterday at a boot sale and is planning to give those a try this week.



Art Ventures is an art tutorial site for all ages. Each lesson is graded by difficulty and shown using a really nicely done video. They also offer a few free lessons so you can test it out before signing up.