Nature Journal – Evergreens

We found some different plants in the garden. We had some snow so it marmt really practical to go for a mature walk this week. We Google searched one plant, which turned out to be Irish ivy, make some leaf rubbings, silhouettes and sketches. We also have some ivy leaves in the flower press to be stuck in later. 

Here comes the sun…

My garden

Well it’s here for now at least so I’ve been outside and got some of the much-needed garden jobs done. Don’t get me wrong, I love my garden; but every house I have lived in has had a disaster area of a garden and each time it has worked out that just when I have t growing nice I’ve moved.

My garden before this one was massive, long enough that my tape measure couldn’t reach the end. The grass was a good 3ft tall and it was more like a bmx track than a lawn with all the bumps! Later I discovered there was about another 6ft of garden hidden by bushes and weeds grown over from next door and the church behind. But they’d been left for a reason it seemed, as I cut them back I discovered masses of junk left by the people living there before us… bike parts, car batteries, cans, cutlery, car tyre, broken toys, rocks, wood… But in the end I did get it cleared and the area became a chicken/duck enclosure. When I left it was mostly flat, tidy and had a well established (and full) veg garden. Loads of strawberry and raspberry plants, potatoes, currants, herbs and I trained the blackberries over the fence and shed so even they were manageable.Could never call the grass a ‘lawn’ lol but in the spring it’d be covered in dandelions, which I love. I actually felt quite sad when the grass needed cutting and they’d all be gone.

This house also has a huge garden including pear, oak, conifer and greengage trees. I can find my house from half way across the estate because of the huge conifer! The garden is covered in little sprouting acorns and more leaves than I would have thought possible to come from one tree. It doesn’t look like anyone has done much out there in a long time and on one side loads of plants have grown over from next door.

I am not digging a specific ‘veg patch’ this year. I am going to try out just planting along with everything else in the borders and using pots. Today I cleared a patch of weeds, overgrowness from next door and brambles to plant some raspberry canes I swapped with another freecycler. I now have summer and autumn fruiting varieties, which should please my son as he loves them. Every day he will go out and pick what’s ready and eat them straight off the plant. He’s just the same with strawberries and you have to be quick to get a look in! 😀  I have done the same for some spuds and garlic and have a few more to go into. Hopefully I can get that done this weekend now the rain seems to have eased off.


Another view of my garden

Under the conifer I have planted loads of flowers including nasturtiums and sweet peas. Nasturtiums are one of my favorites and I like the fact that there are also useful as they can be eaten by us and Toby too (my tortoise) I don’t really go for growing flowers, I prefer my fruit and veg. I also have some sunflower and Calendula seedlings ready to plant out. The brambles I am keeping at the far end of the garden and will train them along the fence again but they have spread all over so I’ll need to dig those out. I do miss my Elder tree though, right now it would have been covered in it’s pretty and yummy smelling flowers and there just aren’t many round here at all.